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Oxbridge System

Students benefit from our highly personalised teaching approach which is similar to Oxford's tutorial and Cambridge's supervision system.

Interactive Seminars

Maximum 4 students per seminar group. These live and interactive classes are a great way of actively engaging with your learning.

1-to-1 Supervision

Students are assigned personal supervisors who are experts in their chosen subject. They meet regularly in
1-to-1 supervision classes.

Our students love us

"The Physics and Engineering course I took was extremely well taught. Our tutor’s explanation was very clear and logical."
Engineering Science
University of Oxford
"My favourite course was debating. It taught me to think critically and to be brave when expressing opinions."
biological sCIence
imperial college london
"The course was academically intensive but it really helped preparing me for my study at the London School of Economics. ."
london school of economics
Aim high, see far, think wide

Taught by the Best

All our tutors are experts:
  • PhD Researchers at the UK's top universities

  • Undergraduate tutors at the UK's top universities

  • Subject specialists with extensive research experience

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Aim high, see far, think wide
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